The Glass Box, Palo Alto

XerciseLab | Palo Alto, California

XerciseLab is the headquarters and exercise studio of a new fitness chain.

The owner wanted the space to have an ultra-modern design, and an industrial look.

The existing space was run down and unappealing, so we embarked on an extensive remodel; and a complete demolition of the façade and interior.

The biggest challenge was to fit into a relatively small space (~ 2,000 SF) multiple functions, including: A retail area, Owner’s office adjacent to employees’ office, a dressing room, two bathrooms, a storage room, and a large exercise studio.

Another challenge was to create an open and well lit space, although the front of the store, through which natural light filters in, is a narrow 17’ facade.

We relied on visually interesting lighting design (floating walls with hidden light behind) and a long horizontal niche with lighting. This provided light and drama, and thus turned the disadvantage into a design motif.

To draw attention to the store, in spite of the narrow facade, we developed the concept of the  “Glass box” that projects out and is visible from afar, a stucco overhang, and stucco vertical element.

The front of the space was designed as the retail area, and immediately behind it the owner’s office. A long, horizontal window in the office allows natural light in while connecting it to the public area.

The entire space has been redesigned with new materials and finishes and is a proto-type for future XerciseLab venues.

Xercise Lab Retail store, studio & headquarters · ~2,000 SF · Design & Built 2012
Town & Country Shopping Village, Palo Alto